final review answers

College Algebra Final Exam Review

last week’s lab

3_2_3_4 Lab math 161

chapter 3 practice test with answers

Here is the practice test for ch 3

Ch 3 math 161 practice test

Lab for 10/28

here is the lab for 10/28

2_6_3_1 LAB


class tonight will be going over the next sections on the list.  PLease try your best to be there.

Section 2.6 and 3.1.  Please take the time to watch the video notes and follow along with your printable notes given below.  We will have a lab and a 3.1 continuation lecture on Monday.

2_6 Notes

3_1 Notes

Class for tonight has been cancelled.  Please check by here at somepoint before next Monday for a video of the lesson that will be posted tomorrow.  Sorry- I have no voice.

10/19/09 Lab

Lab 2.3_2.4

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